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Coming Soon! Postpartum Resource Guide

One of the most important things a postpartum doula does is provide resources to growing families. We have spent the last month researching, interviewing, and interacting with different providers, organizations, and services in our area. We are proud to announce we have compiled over 100 references and will soon be launching "The Ginger Goose's Postpartum Resource Guide". This guide will be free for all clients of The Ginger Goose and available for everyone to download from our website. Here is a sneak peek on our section of resources for body work.

Being pregnant, giving birth, and the subsequent recovery all take a toll on the body. One thing that is very concerning for pregnant and postpartum women is how often they are told what they are going through isn't something to worry about because it is "common". But common doesn't mean that it is normal, appropriate, or without resolution. These providers can help you with issues from back and hip pain to treating your pelvic floor for an easier birth and better recovery. You'll also find a trainer and yoga instructors who can help you with your return to fitness goals. If there is anyone you love and want us to include in the guide be sure to let us know!

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