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My name is Taylor and I am here as a doula to support, care, and provide connection for families as they grow. Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me, my training, and The Ginger Goose.

My Story

In 2022 I became mom to the most beautiful baby girl. I was very fortunate in that time that I had family who was educated in healthcare and postpartum as well as had the time to provide physical care during my first few weeks home. As the newness of the situation wore of during early postpartum, I quickly realized I needed more, more support, more education, more hands. I was very lucky that I had a partner I could ask for more help and the ability to go out and find the resources I needed. With in a few weeks of returning from maternity leave, my company faced layoffs and I was one of them .

Drawing upon that experience and the times of transition we faced as foster parents and the postpartum experience of friends, I knew there was a need in our community. As I talked with family about my desire to provide support and assistance to new families, someone dear to me said, "Oh you want to be a doula." That insight was the missing link. As I researched and learned more about doulas, specifically postpartum doulas, I knew this was my calling. My love of cooking and planning, passion for education and research based parenting, and my administrative skills could all be of service to other families.

I joined DONA International and completed one of their 27 hour postpartum doula courses led by Debra Pascali-Bonaro with guest lecturers including Amadoma Bediako, Marcia Santiago, Naima Beckles, Olivia Bergeron, and Jada Shapiro. Through Jada I also completed a 3 hour course on breastfeeding for doulas. I have since completed all of DONA's certification requirements and am a current member in good standing.  

Upon completion of my training I founded The Ginger Goose. Named after a nickname of my daughter, it is my mission to provide personalized care and support for families so they can just focus on their newest member.

In my free time I can be found with my husband and daughter cooking, visiting farmer's markets, and visiting local towns on the Eastern Shore. I also love traveling (especially to sunnier climates), reading, and being with my extended family.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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